Manage repairs effectively and make sure your tenants know their responsibilities

As an agent, you’ll be all too familiar with the ‘Urgent’ repairs, that turn out not to be urgent at all. From changing light-bulbs to bleeding radiators, non-urgent reported issues can waste time and money. On the flip side, emergency issues that don’t get reported as urgent, can cause major damage to properties and personal risk to tenants.

At PropertyFile, we believe that the majority of these issues can be resolved, if tenants are aware of their responsibilities and when an issue counts as an emergency, right from the start of their tenancy.

Tenants are usually responsible for minor DIY issues such as:

Testing and replacing batteries in smoke alarms

Although it is a legal requirement for landlords to provide smoke and carbon monoxide alarms in their rental properties, it’s actually the tenants responsibility to test that they are working.

Manage repairs for smoke alarms: Ensure your tenants are aware of their responsibilities for smoke alarms. PropertyFile will remind your tenants to check their tenancy agreement to see if they are responsible for this issue.


Manage repairs with the PropertyFile App

Replacing lightbulbs

Although this might be common sense and easily managed by some tenants, it is still a frequently reported issue, especially in properties where fixtures and fittings are harder to change and require some knowledge to replace.

Manage repairs for light-bulbs: Where appropriate, make sure tenants are shown or provided with a guide on how to change bulbs. This could be included as a video within PropertyFile’s maintenance reporting responses. Visit the configuring maintenance issues section, within PropertyFile, and include a personalised response with advice on how to manage the issue.

Gardens and grounds maintenance

Dependant on the tenancy agreement, the garden and other areas included with the property, are usually the responsibility of the tenant and should be maintained to ensure they remain in the same condition as they were at the start of the tenancy.

Manage repairs for gardens: Make sure this responsibility is clearly defined in the tenancy agreement, whether it’s the tenant or landlord and what it includes; cutting the grass, weeding the driveway etc. Then upload and share the tenancy agreement on PropertyFile, so tenants can access it whenever they need to.

When is an issue urgent?

With PropertyFile managing your repairs, you can also ensure that emergency issues are reported and addressed quickly. Simple fill out your emergency contact details within your PropertyFile account and set emergency text. When reporting an urgent issue, your tenants will be alerted to the fact that it’s an emergency and provided with the emergency contact details.

By managing repairs through PropertyFile, you can avoid needless call outs, for non-urgent issues, saving you time and money. For more information on how to manage repairs through PropertyFile, visit the ‘Knowledge Centre’ within your ZPG software, or contact us for a demonstration.