Get the most out of PropertyFile’s maintenance reporting feature

PropertyFile allows you to personalise many of its features, including maintenance reporting, allowing you to really maximise its potential for your business.

We’ve decided to focus on just some of those features below, to help you give your tenants the best renting experience possible:

Inviting Tenants

We strongly recommend inviting your tenants at application stage, introducing the tenant to the app at this early stage will help reinforce that this is where they should go to report maintenance issues and access information, rather than calling your agency. It will also allow them to track their application as it progresses, notify them of any updates and let them view important information such as amounts due to pay.

Raising awareness in your agency

Making sure that your tenants are aware of the PropertyFile app is essential for you to benefit from its fantastic time-saving features. To do so make sure that all members of your team are referring back to PropertyFile whenever an enquiry comes in from a tenant. This will help them learn to self-serve and reduce phone calls.

For instance if a tenant calls up asking to see their tenancy agreement, rather than emailing it over, check to see whether the document has been uploaded to their PropertyFile account and then refer them back to it, so they know where it is in the future.

Or if a tenant calls up to report a maintenance issue, make sure to explain that next time they can report the issue through the maintenance reporting section on the PropertyFile app, at anywhere and anytime without having to call you.

Make sure you are highlighting the benefits of PropertyFile to your tenants straight away, it could make you stand out from other agencies in the tenant’s decision making process. We advise mentioning it at application stage and again as the application progresses, including check-in stage, to remind the tenant how easily accessible their documents are and how they can contact you.

Configuring Maintenance issues

When configuring your PropertyFile account it’s important that you fill out the details in the maintenance reporting settings – this is the information that the tenant will see when reporting an issue. In this section it is essential that you set a standard maintenance email (the email you will be contacted on when an issue is reported) and fill out the default emergency contact details. This is the text that your tenant will receive in an emergency, such as a leak, that needs addressing quickly before the issue gets worse. For example:

‘This issue is an emergency, please contact us directly on 08000 75 87 49’

In this area, within the maintenance reporting section, you can also choose what text a tenant will receive when reporting a certain issue, like a radiator not working. In this instance, it would be helpful to personalise the response with some advice on checking and bleeding the radiator and maybe even a video on how to do so, saving both yours and your tenant’s time, if it doesn’t require a call out.

For example:

‘Please read the following advice before submitting this maintenance issue.
My radiator isn’t working.

Have you checked whether the problem is just with one radiator or all of them?

If the problem is with one radiator, try turning the radiator valves to maximum. If this doesn’t work you may need to bleed the radiator to remove any air in it.

To do so, you will need:
– A radiator bleed key
– A dry cloth
– To wait until your central heating system is completely cold

To find out how to bleed a radiator please watch the below video: YouTube Video’

Sharing documents

PropertyFile is more than just maintenance reporting. Document sharing is another fantastic feature that allows you to upload and share documents with your tenants, with 24 hour availability. Make sure you upload documents such as their tenancy agreement, deposit protection scheme details and the how to rent guide. This way tenants won’t have to call you every time they want to access a document.

Helping you win valuations

It’s not just tenants that benefit from PropertyFile, landlords and vendors can too! With tenants using the app to report maintenance issues, they will better understand their responsibilities as a tenant, resulting in reduced wasted call outs. By explaining the benefits of PropertyFile to landlords you can set yourself apart from other agents and use it as an instruction winning tool.